Carpal tunnel

Who does this affect?

It is seen usually seen in the over 40s. Women are more commonly affected than men. It is associated with pregnancy, diabetes and thyroid disorders. It is also common in people working with vibrating power tools.


This is a very common condition causing tingling, "pins & needles" or even pain in the fingers. It is often worse at night or on activity. During the day patient may complain of numbness in the fingers and dropping objects. It can be quite disabling and is caused by a trapped nerve in the wrist.


We recommend prompt examination to make an early diagnosis. This minimizes the risk of permanent nerve damage. Special tests (nerve conduction studies) may be required to confirm the diagnosis.

Non-surgical treatment

Initially, splints and injections can be used as an alternative to surgery.

Surgical treatment

Treatment is a minor operation under local anaesthetic and undertaken as a day case. The procedure is very successful and injections are used for short-term improvement only.

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