Dupuytren's contracture

Who does this affect?

Patients are usually over 45 years of age and men are far more commonly affected than women.


It is largely an inherited condition, running in families. It is also more common in diabetics and causes thickening under the skin of the palm and fingers. Often the fingers often get more and more curled over. This can be awkward and affect hand function. In patients with strong family history it can also affect the feet and toes. We recommend an early assessment to plan any need for surgery.


Careful assessment with the surgeon is necessary.

Non surgical treatment

Splints and stretching exercises are useful in early stages. They are also used in post surgical rehabilitation.

Surgical treatment

If the fingers have become crooked / curled then surgery is recommended to remove the thickened tissue and straighten the fingers. This is usually undertaken as a day case procedure under a general anaesthetic. Specialist after-care is important in order to obtain the best results from surgery.

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