Elbow pain

Who does this affect?

This includes tendon problems such as tennis and golfer's elbow, which benefit from early diagnosis and treatment. This approach reduces the need for surgery for chronic problems. These usually affect those aged between 35-60.


It is an over-use disorder, with micro-tears and a chronic healing process in the affected tendon. This causes pain and loss of function in the elbow. Symptoms are usually felt on activity, but can even occur at rest.


A focused clinical examination is usually sufficient to make the diagnosis.

Non-surgical treatment

The earlier the condition is treated, the better the outcome. Treatment starts with a cortisone injection, rest and physiotherapy. Forearm clasps can also be used. Occasionally a short period in plaster is very helpful.

Surgical treatment

For resistant cases day case surgery is offered to release the common tendon origin of the bone.

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